Sky Glass Remote Not Working: Here’s How I FIXED it

As a proud owner of a Sky Glass TV, I’ve been thoroughly impressed by its ability to provide easy access to Sky content without the need for a dish. The sleek design of the TV is a bonus, but the real charm lies in the seamless experience of diving into my favourite Sky shows and movies. The Sky Glass Remote, with its voice control functionality, is an integral part of this experience. However, I’ve encountered a common issue that many Sky Glass users might face – the remote stopped working not long after I got the TV, even with new batteries.

This article is here to help you navigate through this hiccup. We’ll explore why your Sky Glass Remote might stop working and provide clear, step-by-step solutions to restore its functionality. Whether you’re using the Sky Glass TV or the Sky Stream puck, this guide will help you troubleshoot common issues and ensure that your remote control experience remains as smooth and enjoyable as the Sky content at your fingertips.

Understanding Why the Sky Glass Remote Stops Working

The Sky Glass Remote is a sophisticated piece of technology designed to enhance your viewing experience. However, it’s not immune to issues. One of the most common problems I’ve encountered is the remote suddenly ceasing to function, even with fresh batteries. This can be frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of your favourite Sky show or movie.

There are several potential culprits behind this issue. The most common one is battery-related. While it might seem obvious, it’s easy to overlook that the batteries might be inserted incorrectly or not provide enough power. Another common issue is the protective paper in the battery compartment of a new remote. This paper is meant to protect the remote during storage and shipping, but if it’s not removed, it can interfere with its functionality.

Pairing issues can also cause your remote to stop working. The Sky Glass Remote uses Bluetooth to connect with your TV, and if the pairing process is not done correctly, the remote might fail to connect. Additionally, internal hardware or software faults within the remote can lead to it not working.

Finally, if you’re using the voice control feature on your remote, it might stop working if the remote is not properly paired with the TV or if the batteries are failing.

Common Fixes for Sky Glass Remote

If your Sky Glass Remote isn’t working, you can take several troubleshooting steps to restore its functionality. Here are the most common solutions that have helped me and many other Sky Glass users:

1. Preparing for Troubleshooting

Before you begin troubleshooting, ensure your TV is not on standby (indicated by a red light). If you have a Sky Q box, switch it off. This will prevent any interference with the troubleshooting process for your Sky Glass Remote.

2. Changing the Batteries

The first and simplest step is to check your batteries. Ensure they are inserted correctly and that they are providing enough power. Sky Glass Remote requires AAA alkaline batteries, so make sure you’re using the right type. If the batteries are inserted correctly, but the remote is still not working, try replacing them with a new set.

3. Removing the Protective Paper

If you’ve recently purchased your Sky Glass Remote, make sure to remove the protective paper in the battery compartment. This paper is meant to protect the remote during storage and shipping, but if left inside, it can interfere with the remote’s functionality. Open the back cover of the remote, remove the paper, and reinsert the batteries.

4. Re-pairing the Remote

If your remote is not working, it might be due to pairing issues. To re-pair your Sky Glass Remote with your TV, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold 7 and 9 together on your Sky remote for three seconds.
  • Press and hold 1 and 3 together for at least three seconds.
  • Wait for the ‘Connected’ message and select ‘Continue’.

The pairing was unsuccessful if you see a ‘Connect your remote’ message on the TV display. In this case, repeat the above steps.

5. Restarting the Sky Glass TV or the Sky Stream Puck

If your remote is still not working after trying the above fixes, restarting your Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream Puck might be worth restarting. This can resolve any temporary software glitches affecting the remote’s functionality. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the Standby button on your Sky Glass TV, the Sky Stream Puck, or the supplied remote.
  • Unplug the power cable from the main to switch off the TV or the Puck.
  • Wait about 30 seconds, then plug the power cable back into the main socket.
  • Once the TV or the Puck boots up by itself, press any button on the remote and see if it’s working now.

What Worked for Me: The “Twist” Method

After trying all the common fixes and still finding my Sky Glass Remote unresponsive, I stumbled upon a method on the Sky forum that seemed somewhat unconventional but promising. It was referred to as the “twist” method. Intrigued and a bit desperate, I decided to give it a try – and to my surprise, it worked!

The “twist” method was suggested by a Sky user who had experienced the same issue. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hold the remote in both hands.
  2. Apply a gentle twisting motion as if you were wringing out a wet cloth.
  3. Repeat this motion a few times.

This method might help realign any internal components of the remote that could have been dislodged or misaligned, causing the remote to stop working. While it might seem unconventional, it’s worth a try if you’ve exhausted all other troubleshooting steps.

In addition to the “twist” method, the forum also mentioned that Sky has released a revised model of the remote, which is reportedly more responsive and less prone to issues. If your remote continues to be unresponsive, it might be worth reaching out to Sky’s customer support and asking about the revised model.

Remember, while the “twist” method worked for me, it might not work for everyone. Always handle your remote with care to avoid causing further damage. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Sky’s customer support for professional advice and assistance.

When to Contact Customer Support

Despite your best efforts, there may be times when the common fixes need to be resolved with your Sky Glass Remote. If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and your remote is still not working, it might be time to contact Sky’s customer support.

Sky’s customer support team is well-equipped to handle a range of issues, including those related to the Sky Glass Remote. They can guide you through additional troubleshooting steps, provide information on warranty coverage, and advise on the next steps if a remote replacement is necessary.

Remember, providing as much detail as possible when contacting customer support is important. This includes the specific issues you’re experiencing, the model of your Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream Puck, and the troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken. This information will help the support team diagnose the problem more accurately and provide the most effective solution.

In the rare case that your remote needs to be replaced, Sky’s customer support can guide you through the process. They can provide information on ordering a new remote and pairing it with your TV once it arrives.

While it can be frustrating when your Sky Glass Remote stops working, remember that help is just a phone call or a few clicks away. Sky’s customer support is committed to ensuring your viewing experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Sky’s Help Pages about Sky Glass Remote:

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