SCART to HDMI converter: can you convert SCART to HDMI?

The market is full of products that allow SCART connections to be converted to HDMI. This post will help you find the right one for your needs. First, I’ll take a look at what makes up a SCART connection and then dive into the best products on the market today for each situation where you might need to convert SCART (e.g., TV, retro gaming, satellite receiver).

What is a SCART to HDMI Converter?

A SCART to HDMI adapter is a device that allows you to connect a SCART-enabled media source to a modern HDMI-only TV.

Back in the day, SCART connectors were the standard, especially in Europe. It is a 21-pin connector that can carry analogue audio as well as video.

The connector was designed in the 1970s and was the standard connector for TVs and other devices all the way up until the invention of HDMI. Nowadays, since HDMI became the new standard, SCART is exceptionally rare.

SCART to HDMI adapters are particularly useful for people who have older equipment (VCRs, Playstation 1, Xbox, and other consoles) and want to connect them to their TV.

So if you have an older device with SCART output and your TV only has HDMI ports, then you’ll need a SCART to HDMI adapter. There are quite a few to choose from, and most are budget-friendly.

Do SCART to HDMI converters work?

As with all types of converters, the answer to this question depends on what you are trying to connect. In general, SCART adapters work well for connecting retro gaming consoles (the ones with RGB support) and some media sources like VCRs that have a SCART input but no HDMI output.

Let have a look at the recommended products for each situation you might want to use a SCART to HDMI adapter.

You have an HDMI SMART TV

…and want to connect a SCART equipment such as VCR, DVD, satellite box.

If you are reading this, the likely situation is that you are trying to connect a device with a SCART connection to a TV that has HDMI input. If that´s the case, you should just use a SCART to HDMI converter.

Best product recommendation:

Kirolle SCART to HDMI Converter

Scart to HDMI Converter with Scart Female to Female Adapter + Scart and HDMI Cables, Supports 4 : 3 and 16 : 9 HDMI Output Switch for N64/Wii/PS2/Xbox/Sky/DVD/STB, Scart In HDMI Out Converter

If you’re struggling to connect an old device to your modern TV, the Kirolle Scart to HDMI Converter might be just what you need. This device comes with a Scart Female to Female Coupler, an HDMI Cable, and a Scart Cable, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing all the extra cables separately.

The Kirolle Scart to HDMI Converter features built-in scaling technology that can easily upscale a SCART Composite signal with standard resolution (480i/570i) to a 1080P/60Hz HDMI signal. This allows you to watch SCART Composite signals on HDMI TVs and enjoy high-resolution visual experiences.

Installing the converter is straightforward. You simply connect the Scart cable to your device, plug in the micro USB cable for power, and attach the HDMI cable to your TV. Be sure to set your TV to the correct HDMI input channel.

One of the significant advantages of the Kirolle Scart to HDMI Converter is that it supports both HDMI 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio output switch. This means you can enjoy your old games while keeping them in their original aspect ratio.

It’s important to note that the Kirolle Scart to HDMI Converter can only convert SCART to HDMI and not the other way around. Additionally, it supports SCART Composite and not SCART RGB. If you’re looking for a converter with RGB support, try this one instead.

Budget alternative:

KUYiA Scart to HDMI Converter with HDMI Cable

Scart to HDMI Converter with HDMI Cable,KUYiA Full HD 720P/1080P Switch Video Audio Upscale Converter,SCART In HDMI Out Adaptor for HDTV Monitor Projector STB VHS Xbox PS3 Sky Blu-ray DVD Player

I had no idea how much I’d done with my new TV until it came time to connect my old VHS player. The sleek modern design of the KUYiA HDMI converter caught my eye as soon as I saw it on Amazon and after checking out the reviews at other online sites from what I thought were astute customers, decided to order this fantastic little device. It arrived quickly and was really easy to install – just turn off both TVs, detach one end of cables from SCART socket on VHS player for input on Converter box then attach the lead end to VCR before attaching the output of Converter box plug into designed HDMI socket in TV. Works perfectly so far – not tried connecting up yet but sure there won’t be any problems, it’s a really nice device.

If You have a SCART TV

…and want to connect an HDMI device, such as SKY box, DVD, etc.

Be aware that the SCART to HDMI above can only work with SCART outputs, not the other way around.

For that situation, you’ll need an HDMI to SCART converter.

Neoteck HDMI to SCART Converter HDMI Input SCART Output

Neoteck HDMI to SCART Converter HDMI Input SCART Output Adapter Composite Video HD Stereo Audio Adapter for SKY HD Blu Ray DVD HDTV

This is the best way to convert an HDMI signal to an analogue SCART video output. Voila! Problem solved!

The Neoteck HDMI to SCART converter is a cool and handy device for people who have modern equipment but only their TV has the older SCART connection. The converter makes an easy way to sync up your HDMI devices with your Scart-detected tv. Simply plug one end of the HDMI cable into this gizmo and you’ll be able to connect it right away to whatever device needs this type of connector, like a Sky box, Freeview/Freesat box, DVD player etc.

The device can be pretty hot after hours of usage, but the manufacturers have innovatively designed an aluminium casing to give it excellent heat resistance. This aluminium casing also makes it shatterproof, making it a reliable and durable product.

Converting SCART to HDMI: What to look for:

Struggling to get your old media player or console working with your TV? Frustrated with the lack of good quality tutorials and converters out there? We’ll briefly run through some of the most important things that you need to know about converting SCART to HDMI. 

First things first, older generation devices use a type of signal called analogue, while modern TVs use digital. The SCART to HDMI converters need to convert analogue to digital, therefore they require a power supply. 


Keep in mind, SCART is an old technology, created back in the 1970s. Although it does carry audio too, the audio is usually limited to stereo and mono audio, and the maximum resolution is 560P. In other words, it doesn’t natively support HD.

Back in the day, that was more than enough. Nowadays, not so much. Most of the SCART to HDMI adapters can upscale the resolution to at least 1080p, which is the most common resolution on displays today. Make sure you choose an adapter with the upscale feature!

Even so, the upscale can only do so much. What it does is essentially blow up the smaller resolution to fill the screen on your TV. If you don’t use a converter with a resolution upscale feature, the image will be in letter-box mode.

In other words, it won’t fill the entire screen, which can be bothersome.

Can you use a SCART to HDMI cable?

When researching how to convert SCART to HDMI you have probably come across a SCART to HDMI cable. The problem is most of these cables do not work. Since SCART does not support HD, you’ll need an adapter that can upscale the resolution, and to do that, the adapter needs a power source.

Although buying a cable might seem like a cheaper and easier solution, it doesn’t work, so it’s much better to invest in a good quality converter, such as the ones mentioned earlier in this article.

Read more about SCART to HDMI cables here.

Multi Scart Adaptors:

Do you have more than one old-school console? One way to hook them up to your new TV would be to use a multi-Scart adapter. These will allow you to play multiple console games on your TV.

Bear in mind, it will only work with one active device at a time, the others can be connected but must be powered down. You might also need to attach one end to a Scart to HDMI converter.

Are SCART to HDMI Adapters Backward Compatible?

No. Scart to HDMI adapters can only work in one direction, SCART input to HDMI output. It won’t work in reverse. Most converters require external power too.

Can You Play Retro Games on New TVs?

Yes. To play retro games on new TVs, you will need either an RGB or SCART to HDMI converter with RGB support such as this product from LiNKFOR. However, converters that upscale the resolution often introduce noticeable input lag which can be frustrating.

There are several devices designed to not only upscale retro games but also reduce input lag as much as possible. The problem is they are usually very expensive, such as the Framemeister XRG, OSSC, and Gscartsw, which often cost as much (or sometimes more!) than a modern gaming console.

Another simple way to reduce input lag on retro games is to enable your TV’s game mode. For the average consumer, a basic 1080P RGB or SCART to HDMI converter should do the trick.

Will a Smart TV Upscale Picture Output From a VCR or DVD Player Connected with Scart?

Most Smart TVs will automatically upscale video signals. If the end result is too pixelated, you can either adjust the aspect ratio of your TV, decrease the resolution, or disable some post-processing effects. In most cases, there will always be lots of pixels when upscaling retro games on new TVs, it’s unavoidable.

Converting HDMI to SCART

You’re probably wondering if it’s possible to convert HDMI to SCART. In other words, use an HDMI device as the input, and SCART as the output (SCART-enable monitor, TV, etc). The answer is yes it is possible.

To do that, you will need the same kind of converter, but with reverse input and output. Remember, the switcher also needs to have an external power source. I would avoid the HDMI to SCART cables, as they rarely – if ever – work.

Common Uses:

What kind of practical uses does this product have? Maybe you have an old VHS or DVD player lying around. Or you want to play some retro games.

Dreamcast, Xbox, Playstation 1 & 2, Sega Saturn, Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64, and other consoles, support SCART. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, then you’ll need a SCART to HDMI converter.
These converters make it possible for you to connect your modern devices with your old ones, even if they don’t have nearly the same specifications or features. Overall, a very handy gadget, and well worth the investment.


How to Use a Scart to HDMI Converter? 

Most Scart to HDMI converters are plug and play but you do need to connect the USB power cable to a socket that can provide enough electricity, a USB wall charger is ideal. Usually, the converter will have an LED light that indicates if there’s enough electricity.

Can I Get a SCART to HDMI Cable without a converter?

You may see SCART to HDMI cables being sold online (without converter), but they don’t work. Here’s why:

The reason a simple cable won’t work is the ports use different signals. SCART uses the older analogue signal while HDMI uses digital.

A cable can’t change the signals. To convert the signals you need special hardware and power which a cable lacks. There are some mini-converters that do look like cables, but those are mostly for other types of ports, not SCART or HDMI.

Can I Get an HDMI to SCART Converter?

You can convert HDMI to SCART but you will need to find the right converter. Look for converters that have HDMI as input and SCART as output.

Does a Scart to HDMI Converter Work with a VHS Player? 

Yes, most SCART to HDMI converters will work with VHS players. It’s one of the most popular reasons people buy this converter.

Will a SCART to HDMI Converter Work on a DVD Player?

Yes, a SCART to HDMI will work with any SCART device, including DVD players. In fact, it’s the main reason people buy these adapters. Many people have VHS and DVD combo players that are a little dated, and they need a way to connect them to their TVs. These converters will do the trick.

Where to buy it?

In the UK, these converters are available in a variety of shops online and on the high street.  Argos and Asda also sell these. Maplin has a selection of products including the Maplin SCART to HDMI Converter Adaptor 1080P/720P includes 5V Power Supply, also has a wide variety, but probably the most obvious place to buy yours will be

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      Just one thing, the picture quality might nbot be the best because you’re downgrading digital signal to analogue.

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  2. I have a Funai DVD, HHD, VHS recorder. My recorder and my old television both had Scart connections, so I was able to copy material from my sky box straight to my hard drive on my recorder. Now that I have a smart TV with HDMI I cannot do this, as the Scart to HDMI conversion box only gives me playback from the recorder to the television. I purchased HDMI to Scart converter so that I can copy sky box material to my recorder but this does not work. So what can I buy so that I can get my Funai scart to HDMI and reverse TV HDMI to scart Funai. Hope someone can help me with this. John

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