Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi: How to Fix 

Samsung has become the premier brand when it comes to TVs. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t have problems. One of the most prevalent issues with Samsung TVs is when they suddenly won’t connect to your wifi anymore. So, what do you do when your Samsung TV won’t connect to the wifi?

If your Samsung TV won’t connect to wifi, you should first figure out whether it or your router is the problem. If it seems that it is the TV, try refreshing the DNS server or perform a hard reset back to the TV’s factory settings. 

Samsung TV not connecting to Wi-Fi

If you’re having trouble connecting your Samsung TV to the internet, you’ve come to the right place. In our troubleshooting guide below, we will go through all of the most common solutions to this problem and explain why they work. So come along and let’s see if we can’t get your Samsung TV reconnected the way it’s supposed to be!

Rule Out Your Router as the Problem

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to make sure that the problem actually lies in the TV and not in your general internet connection. There are a few steps you can take to do this. 

Below we’ve outlined how you can check your router and make sure it isn’t the real problem:

  • Check to see if other devices are also having problems: It’s possible that your TV isn’t the only thing having trouble connecting to the internet. If multiple devices also aren’t connecting this is indicative that the problem lies in your router.
  • Look at the lights on your router: Every router has multiple lights to indicate if they are connected to the internet, have wireless capabilities, and if their ethernet ports are functioning properly. Check each of these lights to find out if the router is the problem. 
  • Disconnect and reconnect power to your router: Try unplugging the router for thirty seconds and then replug it back in. Give it time to re-establish a connection to the internet and then see if your TV can now connect. If it can, the problem was likely an error in the router. 

If everything seems to be in order with your router, then the problem almost certainly lies in the TV. The following troubleshooting steps will help you find out exactly how. 

Perform a Soft Reset

One of the simplest solutions you can get out of the way is to perform a soft reset. Many people have found that doing this solved their connectivity issues.

Below we’ve outlined the two main ways to perform a soft reset:

  • Press and hold the power button on the TV: If you press and hold the power button for a few seconds, the TV should reset itself. 
  • Unplug the TV: The alternative approach is just as simple. Unplug the TV, wait about a minute, and then plug it back in again. 

Whichever way you did it, check to see if your TV will now connect. If it still won’t you can either try the alternative reset option or you can jump to the next step in our guide.

Change the DNS Server

Your next best bet is to refresh the DNS server by entering in 

The steps below will help you to refresh your DNS server:

  • Go into settings: You can do this by pressing the “settings” button near the bottom of the remote.
  • Click on network: This should be the first option on the settings menu.
  • Go into the IP settings: You do this by pressing start, then selecting IP settings.
  • Select “enter manually” and change the DNS server: You should change it to  

Once you’ve done all of that, simply select “ok” and check to see if your TV will now connect. If it still doesn’t try the final step on our list. 

Reset the TV to its Factory Settings

If all else fails, you can try performing a hard reset. This will reset your TV to the settings it had when you first purchased it. Therefore, when you do go to reconnect you will have to reenter your wifi password. 

The following steps will guide you to reset your Samsung TV to its factory settings:

  • Go into settings: You can get to settings by pressing the “settings” button near the bottom of the remote. 
  • Go into general settings: When the settings menu pops up you should be met with a list of types of settings. Scroll down till you see general and select it. It should be the third option on the list. 
  • Select reset and enter the pin: Within the general settings menu, you can scroll down to the bottom until you see “reset.” Select reset. When you do it will ask you to enter a pin. Unless you change the pin after buying the TV it will be 0000. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, simply go into your network settings and establish a connection with your wifi. 

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