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Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup includes a couple of new types of TVs; QD OLED and NEO QLED. If you’re looking to buy a new TV,…

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So you bought a new TV and you noticed there are multiple ports on the back with no specific labels. How can you identify the ports? And which one will deliver the best picture and sound quality?

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How to Connect a Soundbar to a TV Without Optical Cable?

If you’re wondering to connect a soundbar to a TV that doesn’t have an optical cable, I have some good news for you. In this article, we’ll walk you through a few potential solutions to your problem. It won’t be long before you can hook up that soundbar and get a much-improved audio experience.

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How to Connect Soundbar to a TV without HDMI 

So you recently bought a brand new soundbar and you’re ready to test it out on your TV. Upon closer look, you notice that your TV does not have an HDMI port. How can you connect a soundbar to a TV that doesn’t have an HDMI port? 

HDMI Cable

Types of HDMI Cables Explained

When you need a new HDMI cable, chances are you probably buy the first one you come across without a second thought. But did you know there are more than four different types of HDMI cables? And each has its unique features. To get the best entertainment experience, you’ll need to figure out which cable is best for your systems.

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HDMI Adapter for Your Wii with HDMI to 3.5 converter

How to Find the Best HDMI Adapter for Your Wii

So you dust off the old Wii for a few rounds of Wii Sports, only to realize your TV has no 3-RCA slots, only HDMI ports. How can you connect the console to your modern television? Will the image be crisp and clear? And what about the audio? Can you play Wii on a computer monitor?

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