HDMI Cable

Types of HDMI Cables Explained

When you need a new HDMI cable, chances are you probably buy the first one you come across without a second thought. But did you know there are more than four different types of HDMI cables? And each has its unique features. To get the best entertainment experience, you’ll need to figure out which cable is best for your systems.

bookshelf speakers

Best bookshelf speakers to buy in 2019

One of the most compact forms of hi-fi speakers you can purchase is a pair of bookshelf speakers. Having a good set of bookshelf speakers can do a lot towards improving your home entertainment system and giving you the audio experience you crave. You want to make sure you purchase speakers from a reputable brand and that you get the best deal that you can afford on your budget. Here are a few tips on what to look for a premium set of bookshelf speakers and a few reviews to help you start shopping.



NanoCell vs OLED vs QLED

So you have probably noticed there are lots of different TV panel types out there. The most popular are NanoCell, OLED, and QLED. Which one is the best? Are there any important things you need to know about these display types? I’ll briefly explain how…

TV and Remote

What is UHD Dimming and Why Does it Matter?

You might have seen the term UHD dimming mentioned on TV specifications and features, but what is UHD dimming? And does it matter? Today I’ll be taking a closer look at this display feature to see what it’s all about. As we know, display manufacturers…

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