Optoma hd142x vs hd141x

Why is the Optoma HD142X better than the Optoma HD141X?

Optoma HD142X

A great home theater projector is required if one wants to enjoy cinematic visual experiences on their movies and games. Products available in the market are many, but two stands out; Optoma HD141X and Optoma HD142X. They are both uniquely cheap, but Optoma HD142X is a little bit expensive. Even though the two products are similar in color, they are both DLP home theater projectors, they both come with 10W mono speakers, both deliver bright and sharp images, both models have a contrast ratio of 23000:1, and they both have a resolution of Full HD (1920 x 1080). They also got tiny bits of differences about design and performance. The differences include:

Difference in Performance

Optoma HD142X provides more image size options since it can project an image between 27.88 inches up to 305.5 inches whereas the Optoma HD141X can only project an image from 41.8 inches to 305 inches.

The Optoma HD142X features the reference mode and SRGB mode. When these features combine with the 3000 Lumens Power, the projector can re-establish colors that can align with the REC709b and REC709 color spaces. The Optoma HD141X only comes with a powerful 3000 Lumens and does not include the additional features that come with the Optoma HD142X and thus offers weak visuals.

The lamp life of the Optoma HD142X is long compared to that of the Optoma HD141X. It can last up to 8000 hours in Eco Mode.

Optoma HD141X

Difference in Design

The basic shape and size are the same even though the Optoma HD142X is more compact and slimmer than the Optoma HD141X. The difference in the two products become more evident when one compares the lenses. Optoma HD142X has a more convex lens that bulks outside the body of the projector whereas the lens of the Optoma HD141X is smaller and stays inside the body the projector. The glass of the HD141X contains a keystone correction feature while the HD142X does not.
The placement of buttons of both projectors is also different. Switches on the Optoma HD142X are installed carefully and neatly in a rectangular format and layout, while buttons of the Optoma HD141X are placed in a circular design and form.

Optoma HD142X has MHL connectivity which enables and it to connect directly to a smartphone or a tablet. HD 141X model lacks this connectivity and thus cannot connect directly to a tablet or smartphone.
After looking at the two products, one can conclude that the Optoma HD142X is better than the Optoma HD141X. The difference that it will make when one is playing a video game or watching a movie is of high quality. The Optoma HD142X model comes with more features, especially the Reference Mode and SRGB mode which produce better images and the MHL connectivity feature. Its lamp life is longer and thus can work for more than 8000 hours while in Eco mode.

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