LG TV Error Codes: What They Mean and How to Fix them

An error code on your LG TV might be rare, but when it does appear, it often leaves you scratching your head, wondering what went wrong. These cryptic messages can be a source of frustration, but understanding them is the first step to a quick fix. We’ll explore the most common LG TV error codes, like 106 and 137, and offer straightforward solutions to get your viewing back on track. 

Error Code 106: Internet Connectivity Issues

Error code 106 on LG TVs is a frequent issue, typically related to Wi-Fi connectivity, which hinders the TV’s ability to access the internet. This error generally signifies difficulty in establishing a connection with the Wi-Fi access point or router.


Incorrect Network Settings: It’s crucial to ensure the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password are entered accurately in the TV’s network settings.

Weak Signal Strength: If the TV is positioned too far from the Wi-Fi router, it may not receive a strong enough signal. Relocating the TV closer to the router or using a Wi-Fi extender can resolve this.

Interference: Devices like microwaves or baby monitors can disrupt Wi-Fi signals. Switching off these devices can enhance the connection.

Router Problems: Sometimes the router itself might be the issue. Restarting or factory resetting the router can be a potential fix.

DNS Problem: Troubles with Domain Name System (DNS) settings can prevent internet access.

Busy Network: High traffic on your home network might affect connection stability.

TV’s MAC Address Not Whitelisted: If your network blocks the TV’s MAC address, it can disrupt connectivity.


Restart the TV: Unplugging the TV for a minute and then reconnecting can often fix network issues by resetting the TV’s systems.

Check for Software Updates: Update the TV’s software via Settings > All Settings > About TV > Software Update to resolve potential bugs affecting connectivity.

Reset Network Settings: To refresh your network setup, go to Settings > All Settings > General > Network > Network Reset and select Reset Network Settings.

Disable Wi-Fi Direct: This feature, when active, can interfere with normal Wi-Fi connections. Disable it in Settings > All Settings > General > Network > Wi-Fi Direct.

Reconnecting Wi-Fi: In Settings > Network > Wi-Fi Connection, forget the current network and reconnect after a pause.

Manual DNS Setup: Navigate to Network Settings on your TV, select Wi-Fi Connection, then Advanced Settings, and manually enter a DNS server address like

Using an Ethernet Port: A wired connection through Ethernet can offer a more reliable internet connection than Wi-Fi.

Error Code 137: Issues with the YouTube App

Error code 137 on LG TVs is typically a sign of internet connectivity problems that prevent the TV from accessing online content or services. This code can appear in various scenarios, such as:

Wi-Fi Connection Failures: The TV may repeatedly try and fail to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Error Messages on Streaming Services: When accessing streaming platforms like YouTube or Netflix, you might encounter messages like “Network Error 137” or “Unable to connect to the internet.”

Intermittent Internet Connectivity: The TV connects to the internet but frequently loses connection, disrupting streaming services and other online content.


Incorrect Wi-Fi Settings: Double-check the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password in the TV’s network settings for accuracy.

Weak Wi-Fi Signal: If the TV is too far from the router, signal strength may be insufficient. Consider relocating the TV, using a Wi-Fi extender, or switching to an Ethernet connection.

Router Glitches: The router might be experiencing issues. Try restarting it or resetting it to factory settings if problems persist.

Broad Network Connectivity Issues: Sometimes, the issue may be with your ISP. Check for any reported outages or maintenance work in your area.

Outdated or Corrupted TV Software: Ensure your TV’s firmware is up to date, as software issues can lead to connectivity problems.


Restart the TV and Router: Unplug both from power for about a minute, then plug them back in. This simple step can often resolve temporary connectivity issues.

Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength: Use a Wi-Fi signal meter app to test the signal near your TV. A stronger signal might be achieved by relocating the TV or using a Wi-Fi extender.

Update Software: Regularly update your TV’s firmware and your router’s software. Go to Settings > All Settings > About TV > Software Update on your TV for any available updates.

If the error message specifically mentions the app as the cause. For instance, if the error message says “YouTube App Error 137,” updating or reinstalling the YouTube app is a reasonable first step.

If the app has recently been updated or installed. It’s possible that the new version of the app introduced a bug that is causing the error. In this case, reinstalling an older version of the app may resolve the issue.

Restart Network Connection: In the TV’s network settings, select the Wi-Fi connection and choose to restart it. This action can help re-establish a more stable connection.

Reset Network Settings: If the issue persists, try resetting the network settings on your TV, which involves erasing all previous configurations and starting anew.

Manually Enter DNS Servers: Switch to a reliable DNS server such as Google Public DNS (, or Cloudflare DNS (,, which can help bypass network-related DNS issues.

Disable Third-party Applications: If you’ve installed new apps or extensions recently, consider disabling them temporarily to check if they’re causing network conflicts.

Factory Reset: As a final measure, a factory reset of your TV can restore all settings to their original state and potentially fix deeper software or configuration problems. Warning: this will delete all your settings.

Error Code 324: App Store Connectivity Problems

When you encounter error code 324 on your LG TV, it indicates an issue with connecting to the App Store. This error generally points to problems related to network connectivity or software glitches.


Poor or Unstable Internet Connection: A weak or unstable internet connection can prevent your TV from accessing the App Store.

Outdated Firmware: Older firmware versions might not support the latest App Store features or have unresolved bugs.

App Not Functioning Properly: Occasionally, the App Store itself might be experiencing technical issues or glitches.


Checking Internet Connection: First, ensure your internet connection is stable and strong. You might need to reconnect your TV to the Wi-Fi network or switch to an Ethernet connection for a more stable link.

Updating LG TV Firmware: Keep your TV’s firmware updated. Check for any available updates in the TV settings and install them. Sometimes, manual updates via a USB drive might be necessary if automatic updates aren’t working.

Error Code 202: Connection Establishment Failure

Error code 202 indicates a failure in establishing a connection between the router and the TV. This error prevents access to internet-based services.


Unstable Internet Access: Fluctuating internet connections can disrupt the communication between your TV and the router.

TV Servers Offline: Occasionally, the issue might be on LG’s end, with their servers being temporarily offline.


Internet Connectivity Checks: Regularly check your internet speed and stability. Reconnecting your TV to the Wi-Fi network can sometimes resolve the issue.

Restarting Router or Modem: A simple restart of your internet hardware can fix many connectivity issues.

Error Code 105: Network or Connectivity Problems

Error code 105 on LG TVs generally points to a DNS (Domain Name System) resolution issue, obstructing the TV’s access to specific internet resources. This error is commonly seen when trying to use streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, or accessing the LG Content Store. It’s typically tied to problems with name resolution or network connectivity.


DNS Server Issues: The TV might be using an incorrect or dysfunctional DNS server, possibly due to configuration errors, outages, or DNS hijacking attempts.

Network Connectivity Problems: Issues like weak Wi-Fi signal, device interference, or router troubles can hinder stable internet connections, affecting DNS server access.

Software Issues: Outdated or corrupted TV software can trigger DNS resolution errors due to bugs, compatibility problems, or incorrect DNS settings.

Third-party Applications: Certain installed apps or extensions might interfere with DNS resolution or cause network instability.


Restart the TV and Router: Often, a simple reboot of both devices can fix temporary glitches and network issues. Unplug them for a minute, then reconnect and allow them to fully boot.

Check for Network Updates: Regularly update your TV’s software and router’s firmware to avoid compatibility issues or bugs impacting DNS resolution.

Manual DNS Configuration: Manually set DNS server addresses, such as Google Public DNS ( and or Cloudflare DNS ( and, to bypass potential network DNS server issues.

Disable Third-party Applications: If you’ve recently installed new apps or extensions on your TV, try disabling them temporarily to see if they’re causing the problem.

Factory Reset: If other solutions fail, a factory reset might be necessary. This step returns all settings to their default state, potentially resolving any underlying software or configuration issues causing the error.

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