LG TV Error Codes: What They Mean and How to Fix them

LG TVs are popular out there, but they sometimes become annoying if they are not working. In fact, you might see an error code pop up on your LG TV while trying to connect to the internet or opening the YouTube app. There are different reasons as to why the error code appears. Some error codes show up due to an issue with your internet connection, while others appear due to an issue with your device’s hardware. 

If you are one of those LG TV users who get error codes on your TVs, it’s better to know what they mean and how to deal with them. With that in mind, we have gathered the most common error codes on an LG TV and suggest you the possible fixes. 

Error Code 137

Error code 137 is one of the most common error codes LG TV owners see pop up. The code shows up when you try to launch the YouTube app and forces the app to quit on your TV. The error code 137 is also due to a poor or unstable internet connection. 


  • Corrupted file or data
  • Youtube bug or glitch
  • Outdated application
  • Unstable internet connection

How to fix

There are several workarounds for fixing the LG TV error code 137. One is that you can try cycling both router and TV and check if the issue is dealt with. The idea behind this method is to reset the configuration error on the device, thus preventing any bug or glitch from blocking the internet access on your TV. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Unplug your TV from the power source and then disconnect the power supply cable from the TV.

Step 2: Wait for about 15 minutes and re-connect the power supply and then plug your TV back in.

Step 3: Power on your TV and router. Check if the error code appears or not. If it’s still there, the next step is to update the YouTube App. 

If the YouTube app is outdated, it may not work correctly. Press the Home button on the remote and then select the LG Store to update it. Then, choose Apps and navigate to My Apps > YouTube > Update

If the code continues to pop up when opening the YouTube app, your app data may be corrupted. The best shot for the issue is re-installing the app. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Press the Home button on the remote to access the app menu.

Step 2: Scroll until you see the YouTube app and press and hold the Enter button until the Edit mode is turned on.

Step 3: Choose X to delete the YouTube app. Confirm your action by selecting Yes in the pop-up option. 

Step 4: Now, press the Home button and navigate to LG Content Store.

Step 5: Select Apps, search for YouTube and click on Install

Error Code 324

This is another common error code that pops up on your LG TV. Luckily, the fixes are straightforward. This error code indicates that your TV cannot connect to the App Store. This may be due to a poor internet connection, an outdated firmware, or a problematic application, 


  • Poor or unstable internet connection
  • Outdated firmware
  • The app is not working properly

How to fix

One of the best fixes for the issue is to check your internet connection. Poor internet access prevents the App Store from working on your TV. If the App Store fails to load content, check if your TV is now connected to the internet. Also, try disconnecting your TV from the Wi-Fi network and re-connect. If your TV has an Ethernet port, switch to it. 

Another fix is to update your LG TV firmware. A new update usually includes fixes for bugs and glitches, so staying up to date is better. Usually, your TV should update automatically when a new update is available. But there are times when you need to perform a manual firmware update. 

How to update LG TV firmware manually

You can use a manual update if an automatic update doesn’t work. Here are the steps.

What you need: 

  • USB flash drive (4GB at least)
  • A computer with internet access

Step 1: Visit the Support Home Page and download the correct firmware for your TV model.

Step 2: Download the firmware file to your computer. Once the download is complete, extract it from the zip file. 

Step 3: Now plug in your USB flash drive and put the file on it. 

Step 4: Insert the USB into your TV and follow the instructions to install the firmware update. 

Error Code 202

Error code 202 pops up when the connection between the router and the TV fails to establish. As a result, you cannot access the internet or any online service on your TV. The core reason for the issue is that you now have an unstable internet connection. 


  • Unstable internet access
  • TV servers may be offline

How to fix

The first solution is to check your internet connection. Try disconnecting your TV from the router and reconnecting. If that won’t help, wait for one hour and try again. Also, you can try checking your internet speed and then check if the code shows up or not. 

Another solution is to restart your router or modem. A restart may fix many software-related issues, and it may do the trick here. Turn off your router, unplug it from the power supply, and then replug and restart your device. 

If you still get the error code, the chances are that the LG TV servers are now offline. If this is the case, you can do nothing about it. All you need to do is to wait until it’s back online. 

Error Code 105

Error code 105 indicates that you now have a network or connectivity problem. It occurs when you try to use an online service like watching YouTube, Netflix, or accessing the Content Store. There are several reasons behind this error code 105 you may not know. 


  • Unstable internet connectivity
  • Poor connection due to a busy network
  • Technical glitches or bugs
  • Incorrect date and time
  • Outdated software update

How to fix

Checking the internet connection is always the number one solution to the error code 105 issue. To do it, disconnect your TV from a local network and reconnect. If that won’t help, try restarting your router or modem. 

Another fix is to power cycle your TV. To do it, disconnect your TV from the power source, then wait for 10-15 minutes and then plug it back in. Now, turn on your TV and check if you see the error code or not. 

if it’s still there, try adjusting the date and time settings. An incorrect date and time may cause the error code to arise on your TV. The best way is to correctly set the date and time and see if the problem is fixed. 

Error Code 106

Error code 106 is a common issue experienced by many LG TV users. It indicates that you now have a poor internet connection. In other ways, it means your TV has no internet access. There are many culprits for causing the error code 106 issue on an LG TV. We have rounded up the most common causes below. 


  • DNS Problem
  • TV Settings may be incorrect
  • Busy network
  • TV’s Mac address is not whitelisted

How to fix

Power Cycling: This is one of the easiest ways to fix the error code 106 issue on an LG TV. That’s basically the process where you disconnect your TV from the power source and plug it back in. A power cycle helps drain out all the power from the TV, thus getting your TV back to work normally.

Reconnect the Wi-Fi: Try forgetting all the current Wi-Fi networks and reconnecting. This should solve the LG TV error code 106. To do it, go to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi Connection > Select the network from the list and forget it. Wait for 5 minutes, then reconnect and check if the error code is there or not. 

Set up DNS: If the above solutions do not work, try setting up the DNS address manually on your TV. Here’s how to do it.

  • Open Settings on the TV and select Network
  • Select Wi-Fi Connection and select Advanced Settings
  • Select Edit and untick the option to set the DNS address automatically.
  • Now enter on the DNS server and save it. 

Use Ethernet port: If your TV has an Ethernet port, we suggest you go for it. Ethernet offers a more stable connection than Wi-Fi, so make sure you switch to it. 

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