How to Turn on Wi-Fi on LG TV

LG is one of the most popular and reputable electronics brands, featuring a vast selection of exceptional TVs with Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows owners to wirelessly connect their LG TVs to the internet and stream online content with ease… once you have it turned on, that is.

In this article, we’ll cover the quick and easy steps to turning on your LG TV’s Wi-Fi connection in seconds. As you read, you’ll also find a few troubleshooting options, should you find your LG TV is failing to connect to Wi-Fi properly once this setting is turned on. 

Open the “Settings” Menu and Navigate to “Network”

The process of turning on your LG TV’s Wi-Fi and connecting the two devices is relatively straightforward and should only take a few minutes to complete. To get started, you’ll want to open the “Settings” menu on your LG TV.

LG TV connecting to Wifi

Ideally, this entire process should be performed using a connected LG TV remote, on which you’ll find the gear icon for your settings menu. However, if you cannot find your LG TV remote, or it is damaged and incapable of performing these tasks, some LG TVs can be controlled with the LG TV Plus app once downloaded and paired with a smart device. 

Alternatively, some owners find success inserting a computer mouse into the LG TV’s USB port and controlling the menu page with this device instead. 

Once you’ve opened your LG TV’s “Settings” menu using the method of your choice, you’ll want to find the “Network” setting. Open this option by clicking your mouse, tapping it on the app, or pressing enter on your remote control.

Select the “Wi-Fi Connection” Option and Choose Your Desired Network

You’ve now entered the “Connection” menu, where you’ll find various options on how you can connect your LG TV to various devices. From here, you’ll want to move to the side menu and select the “Wi-Fi Connection” option listed. 

Once inside the “Wi-Fi Connection” menu, you’ll select the “Add a hidden wireless network” option if it has opened automatically. This should present you with a list of Wi-Fi networks nearby registered by your LG TV. Select your desired network from the list. 

If your network of choice is password-protected, you’ll need to enter the appropriate password before it can connect to your LG TV. Afterward, you should see a checkmark next to your chosen Wi-Fi network, and your LG TV should be successfully connected. 

On the chance this doesn’t occur, you’ll want to progress to the next step for some troubleshooting. 

Troubleshooting a Failed LG TV Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes, even the most straightforward processes don’t go according to plan, and you might find that your LG TV isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi network properly despite following all the previously listed steps. In this case, there are a few options you can try to resolve the issue.

If your LG TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi, try some of these options:

  1. Make sure the “Connection/” toggle is on above the listed Wi-Fi networks in the “Wi-Fi Connection” menu
  2. Make sure your home network modem and router are operating optimally
  3. Restart your LG TV and perform a factory reset
  4. Update your LG TV’s location

Oftentimes, an LG TV will fail to connect to Wi-Fi because there is an issue with its settings or the network itself is experiencing issues. 

Connection is Toggled On

When troubleshooting, we recommend going through the most likely reasons as listed above. The first option will be seen on the same menu where you choose your desired network and enter its required password. If the “Connection/” toggle is set to “off,” you likely won’t even see a list of possible networks and will need to switch the toggle to “on” for them to pop up.

If you see something along the lines of “Wi-Fi is turned off,” and the “Connection/” toggle isn’t the answer, your LG TV’s interior Wi-Fi cable might be crimped and need to be manually straightened.

Router or Modem Issues

Having a strong connection is key to your LG TV’s ability to receive Wi-Fi, which is why you’ll want to double-check that your modem and router are working together properly to provide this. 

Suppose you notice the network name doesn’t pop up on the “Wi-Fi Connection” menu or that your LG TV isn’t the only electronic struggling to connect to a network’s Wi-Fi. In this case, it is usually a red flag that one of the network-essential devices needs attention. 

Restart and Factory Reset

In the event the first two options don’t resolve your issue, we recommend restarting your LG TV by unplugging it and leaving it unplugged for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Afterward, you’ll want to perform a factory reset by going to the “All Settings” menu, proceeding to “General,” and then clicking “Reset to initial settings.” 

This might reset several personalized settings you had on your LG TV, but it should also set everything to its original state for a quick and easy connection. 

Update Your LG TV Location

Should you find that you’ve tried all of the troubleshooting options up until this point to no avail, you might need to try some more obscure options, one of which is updating your LG TV’s location.

For whatever reason, many LG TV owners have found that their TVs experience connection issues if they leave their location setting on “Set Automatically.” So, if your LG TV is still on the default location setting, try switching it by going to the “All Settings” menu, progressing to “General,” then “Location.” Here, you’ll see “LG Service Country” where you can choose the appropriate region for your LG TV.

If your country is already selected, try selecting a random country, allowing your LG TV to restart, and then going back and reselecting the appropriate country.

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