Sony TV Connected But No Internet: How to Fix

A smart Sony TV has many online features through a wireless Internet connection. However, a common issue with these TVs is a problem where the Sony TV doesn’t recognize or pick up a wireless signal. Luckily, this problem can be solved with a bit of troubleshooting. 

A Sony TV may not have an Internet connection due to connectivity issues, software glitches, outdated firmware, or an incorrect date and time in the system. The problem can be solved by checking connectivity and correcting the TV’s settings in many cases. 

Below you’ll find an overview of the issues that can cause a connected Sony TV to lose wireless signal and a few ways you can potentially fix the issue. Read on to learn more about what causes a Sony TV to lose an Internet connection. 

What Causes a Sony TV to Lose Internet Connection?

There are a few different issues that could cause your connected Sony TV to not recognize your home wireless signal. Here are some of the things that may cause a Sony TV to lose Internet connection: 

  • Outdated firmware: If you’ve postponed updates to your smart TV, this can cause the TV to lose recognition of the wireless signal. Try updating your smart TV’s firmware to reestablish a connection.
  • Wrong date in the TV system: This is an odd glitch that can cause wireless problems in Sony TVs, but if the date and time in the TV’s settings become out of sync due to a power outage or other service interruption, this can prevent the TV from recognizing the wireless signal.
  • Poor Internet signal: Before blaming connectivity issues on your Sony TV, it’s worth the time to double-check your wireless modem and your signal strength. In some cases, the reason the Sony TV can’t recognize the WiFi is because the signal has been interrupted by a modem malfunction or a weak wireless signal.
  • Software glitches: Software glitches in a Sony smart TV can temporarily prevent the TV from recognizing an incoming wireless signal. This problem can usually be solved easily by performing a power cycle on the TV.

The potential cause of a bad Internet connection in a Sony TV can come from several sources. However, you should still be able to fix the TV with a little light troubleshooting. 

How to Fix a Sony TV With No Internet

If your Sony TV appears to be connected to the Internet but still can’t pick up a wireless signal, there are a couple of ways to try and solve the problem before you consult technical support. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps you should take to resolve the connectivity issue: 

  • Check your wireless signal. Run a test on the strength of your wireless signal to make sure it is strong. A weak signal can potentially prevent the Sony TV from accessing streaming services. You should also check your modem to ensure that the wireless signal operates correctly.
  • Check the date and time in the network settings. If the date and time setting on your TV is different than the one on your smart phone, this is a sign that your TV’s date and time have become desynced. To fix this issue, select the Home button, then navigate to Settings. Under System Settings, you’ll find the Date and Time submenu. Input the correct date and time to resync the TV’s software.
  • Set up a stronger Internet signal. If your TV is losing connectivity due to a poor Internet signal, try relocating the wireless model to be closer to the TV or add a wireless Internet extender to strengthen the modem’s signal.
  • Power cycle the TV. This power cycling solution works a surprising amount of the time for all kinds of digital devices, especially if the root cause of the connectivity issue is a simple software glitch. To power cycle your Sony TV, turn the TV off and unplug it from the electrical source for two minutes before plugging everything back in and turning it on.

In most cases, performing the operations above will reestablish the connection between your wireless modem and your Sony smart TV. 

What to Do if a Sony TV Can’t Receive a Wireless Signal

If you’ve tried the troubleshooting methods above and your Sony TV still can’t recognize an incoming wireless signal, you might have an issue with the TV’s hardware. In this case, you’ll need to arrange to have the TV repaired by Sony’s technical support teams. Turnaround for a repair is approximately ten days in most cases.

Sony TV Connection Problems Can Be Fixed at Home

Even though you might worry that your TV’s wireless capacity is busted for good if you can’t get a wireless signal and your connection seems to be good, it’s usually a simple fix. Before you start getting ready to send your TV off for repair, try the solutions outlined above and see if you can’t solve the problem on your own. 

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