How to fix blinking Green Light on Roku Remote

If your Roku remote is blinking a certain color it usually means there’s a certain problem with it that you need to fix. Your Roku remote can flash a variety of colors so understanding what each color means is important so you can fix the problem quickly. One of the most common issues with Roku remote controls is flashing or blinking green lights. First off, let’s go over a quick summary of what each color means for your Roku remote.

Green flashing light

A green blinking light is usually an indicator that your batteries are low or they have run out of energy completely but it can also indicate pairing issues. You won’t be able to use your Roku remote in this case you won’t be able to pair it with your Roku TV.

Yellow blinking light

A yellow blinking light normally indicates your hardware isn’t receiving any power. You also won’t be able to pair your device to your TV when the yellow light is blinking.

Types of Roku remotes

There are two different types of Roku remotes. The Enhanced Point Anywhere (EPA), which allows you to point your remote in any direction and your TV will pick up the signal, or the Standard Infrared (IR) which needs a direct line (without obstruction) to connect with your TV. It’s important to understand which one you have because it will make troubleshooting much easier.

To do this, open up the battery compartment of your Roku remote and examine whether your device has a pairing button.

Remote control

How to fix green blinking light on Roku remote

You’ll be pleased to know that there are several different fixes you can try to resolve the green blinking light on your Roku remote. We’ll go over them in the steps below.

Fix #1 – Remove all obstructions

The first method only applies if you have an infrared Roku remote. You’ll need to check if there are any objects in the way of the sensor on your TV so that the infrared signal can connect from your remote. This is a simple step and usually fixes the problem on infrared remotes.

Fix #2 – Examine your HDMI connection (for EPA remotes and streaming sticks only)

If you have a Roku streaming stick a quick diagnosis method is to check the HDMI connection. If you have a second HDMI port, try putting your streaming stick into that. If you don’t, you can purchase an HDMI extender from Roku.

Fix #3 – Switch out your batteries

One of the easiest fixes for a blinking green light on your Roku remote is to switch out your old batteries for some fresh ones. It’s worth checking your existing batteries are adjusted properly first as this may lead to your remote not working properly.

It’s also worth checking if your batteries are still in check. If they start to leak your remote can also overheat and lead to a loss of function. If your remote does overheat, leave it in a cool place until it reaches a normal temperature.

Fix #4 – Make sure your Roku remote is actually set up

Another reason why your Roku remote may be blinking green is that it’s not set up properly in the first place. Follow the instructions below to set up your remote;

  • Connect your remote to the internet
  • Configure the display type that is shown on your screen
  • Select your TV’s manufacturer displayed on the screen or if it doesn’t show, enter the details manually
  • Press yes and then OK to confirm your selection

Fix #5 – Perform a hard reset

Sometimes you may need to perform a hard reset to bring your device back to full function again. To do this, follow the below steps;

  • Take the batteries out of your remote control
  • Unplug your TV and/or your streaming stick
  • Wait for 5 minutes
  • Reconnect your cable to your power source and put your batteries back in your remote

Fix #6 – Change / reset network settings

Sometimes your Roku remote might start to blink a green color due to network issues. Your Roku TV will need access to the internet to stream after all. To reset your network, simply press the reset button on your router.

Alternatively, you can also change the network settings. Here’s how;

  • Log into the admin tools of your router
  • See if there is a more stable connection you can access. Preferably this should be between 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz
  • Save your changes and reboot your router
Roku player

Fix #7 – Download the Roku controller app

If you can’t fix your Roku remote with the methods above you can download the Roku controller app for your mobile phone. This app acts as a virtual remote control that has all of the functions that your physical remote has. You do need to have a stable wireless connection for it to work through.

Fix #8 – Buy a new Roku remote

If all else fails you may need to buy a new Roku remote if your remote keeps flashing green. Once you have bought it, you’ll need to pair it with your streaming device. Here’s how;

  • Download the Roku remote application on your smartphone
  • Go to settings and select Remotes & Devices and select ‘Pair a New Device
  • Select your device shown to pair it


These are the steps to resolve the green light blinking on your remote. Usually, the error that is causing the green blinking light can be resolved by one of these methods. If you keep having trouble with your remote, you may need to contact Roku directly but you can use the controller app in the meantime.

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