How to Add Internet Access to a Standard Television

Still stick with traditional HDTVs with no internet capability? Well, you are not alone. The good news is that you can add equipment to your TV to make it internet capable, so you can watch YouTube videos and access the weather forecast without unlocking your smartphone. This tutorial will include several options for adding internet access to your TV. 

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How to Add Internet Capabilities to Your TV

Blu-ray Player

Blu-ray player is a great way to add internet access to your standard HDTV without spending too much. Most players can stream audio and video content from popular services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and local networks. Some even include Screen Mirroring, which allows you to share audio and video from your iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac. 

Some best Blu-ray players include LG UBK80, Sony UBP-X700, Sony BDP-S3700, and Panasonic DP-UB9000. These players offer video and audio streaming of up to 4K and support old TVs. 

Gaming Console

If you are into gaming, you can connect your TV to a gaming console to make it internet capable. The gaming consoles like the PlayStation or Xbox enable you to download and stream movies and TV shows as well as content from Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus. You can even browse the web using their default browser. 

A gaming console has its limitations, but it should come in handy for those who want to access video-on-demand streaming services and play video games simultaneously without spending some cash on a separate media box. 

A Video Streaming Device

There are various streaming devices to choose from on the market. Roku boxes are among the most popular. Most of them allow you to stream movies from several sources like Hulu or Netflix, play music from Pandora, and show high-quality images from Flickr. Other options include Apple TV and the VUDU Box. 

Laptop or PC

If you do not have a streaming box, you can connect a laptop or PC to your TV and make it an additional screen. Connecting a Windows laptop or a Mac to a TV is very straightforward, as most modern TVs now have HDMI ports. For a Mac laptop, you can AirPlay your content to your HDTV using an Apple TV box. 

Important notes:

  • If you decide to go for the streaming option, make sure you have a stable internet connection, as most require a high-speed network.
  • Check your TV’s specs: If you have an HDTV, ensure your streaming box supports at least 720p.
  • Ensure you subscribe to your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus. 

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