Freeview Without An Aerial: 5 Easy Methods

Do you want to watch Freeview but don’t have access to an aerial socket? Don’t worry! There are several ways that you can get live TV without an aerial. Whether it’s through your mobile phone, laptop or tablet if you’re out and about, or through a digital box installed in the bedroom where no aerial tv sockets exist. This article will list all the options for watching Freeview without an aerial so that anyone can enjoy free live TV broadcasts from their TVs!

How To Watch Freeview Without an Aerial

The best way to watch Freeview without an aerial is by using the Freeview Play app, which can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, laptops and android TV boxes. It’s also available on some smart TVs such as LG.

To watch Freeview play, all you need is to download the app and then you can stream live TV from all channels, catch up on programmes, or watch your favourite shows.

That means you will also need access to the internet, either through mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection.

Let’s break down the methods of watching Freeview Play with or without an aerial:

  • Chromecast
  • Smart TV app
  • Android Box
  • Fire TV
  • Sideload app on Firestick

Use A Chromecast With A Phone Or Tablet

If you have a Chromecast device, it’s possible to cast the Freeview Play app from your phone or tablet to the TV screen. Launch the app and navigate through until you find what you want on-demand or live tv.

You will find a casting button that will let you cast the app to your TV so that you can watch all on-demand content or live TV.

This is one of the best ways to watch Freeview without an aerial because it means that there’s no need for a physical connection from your phone/tablet to the tv screen. Just use Wi-Fi and cast away!

Watch On A Smart TV With The App Installed

If you are lucky enough to have a smart TV with access to apps, why not install Freeview Play onto your device? It’s possible to download this app onto LG televisions which makes watching free channels easy peasy!

Freeview announced that LG would update TVs in the UK with Freeview Play, including popular catch-up apps like iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Sport, ITV Hub and All 4 on their 2021 lineup TVs.

The update means that every 2021 LG TV, including OLED and LCD models, will carry the service at launch.

LG, the broadcasting service Freeview’s original partner and distributor in the UK, failed to renew its license in 2020. Recently liberated from its previous licensor, LG is partnering with Freeview Play once again to give their televisions an update that will allow owners access to open TV services.

Use An Android Box In Your Bedroom

If you don’t have a smart TV or can’t cast from your phone, there is an easy solution. Buy yourself a cheap Android box that connects to any HDMI-ready television with the Freeview Play app, and get ready for bingeing! The app is available on the Google Store.

This method is a great way to watch Freeview without an aerial because it means that you can enjoy all the benefits of having live TV, catch up on old programmes and movies from your bed. No fussing with cables or plugs!

What About Amazon’s Firestick?

At the time of writing, there wasn’t a Freeview app available on the Amazon firestick. However, it’s not all bad news; as Amazon recently announced, some Fire TV devices and TVs will have the Freeview app installed or will be compatible with it.

But Wait…

Even if there is no official app or support for Freeview on Firestick, you can sideload the app onto your device by downloading the latest version of Freeview Play using an app called “Downloader”.

Please note that this option is for advanced users only, and rooting or hacking your Firestick may void its warranty! So I’m not going to recommend this route. Please read this blog post: How To Sideload Freeview Play onto Firestick for more information on sideloading apps onto an Android TV box.


Read this to know how to watch live Freeview without an aerial:

  • If you have a Chromecast device, it’s possible to cast the Freeview Play app from your phone or tablet to the TV screen.
  • With a compatible Smart TV, download the Freeview Play app and enjoy all the benefits of having live TV, catch up on old programmes and movies from your bed.
  • With an android box, download the Freeview Play app from the Google Store.
  • With Fire TV, which is now compatible with the app.


All you need to do is follow these 5 simple methods to watch Freeview without aerial. Comment below to let us know how it went for you. Remember, if there’s anything we can help with along the way, just drop us a line!

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7 thoughts on “Freeview Without An Aerial: 5 Easy Methods”

  1. Hi there, thanks for your info…..
    My problem is my wife !! …… she cannot get her head round the tv buttons to get to terrestrial telly. She just wants to switch telly on and press 1,2,3,4 or 5 without going through apps – SOURCE, MENU, ITV HUB, SELECT LIVE TV etc , etc – she gets it wrong and ends up just switching it off !!
    We have a Samsung smart tv , but with no aerial connection instead blue tooth to router ( which will be hard wired)
    What is best option and is there a remote that is simple to use

    Many thanks, Mike

  2. Hi
    I echo the above, thanks for the ideas, they are all interesting.

    I have a very similar question but I have a Hisense TV, no aerial but the TV is connected to our router via wi-fi. I find it odd that you can watch live freeview (not freeview play, the full freeview) on a mobile device via wi-fi but if you want to watch the “main” channels on a TV without an aerial you have to use the individual broadcasters apps. Like Mike, all we are after is a unified way of watching freeview live on a TV without an aerial.

    We also have a Firestick, but again can only get Freeview play app.

    Sounds like the only way to do it would be to stream freeview, one way or another, from a mobile device – but then you need to switch on both the TV and the mobile device and us the mobile device to change channels etc.

    Surely there has to be an easier way (other than getting an aerial) to watch live BBC, ITV etc “like the good old days” on a TV without an aerial (or do I need to wait for a 55″ tablet we can load the Freeview app on to 🙂 )

    Thanks, Dave

    • Thanks David. Hisense new Tvs come with a Freeview plus app pre-installed which means its’s essentially a digital tuner. Remember that Freeview plus is not just a catch up service it’s also a live TV service. Suggestion to watch live TV on your Firestick: check the TVPlayer app While it’s not exactly a Freeview service, it’s a good alternative to watch live TV channels.

      • Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Yes, the Hisense has the Freeview player app but I didn’t think the freeview play app has the main (BBC, ITV etc) channels on it, I thought you still had to use the broadcasters own apps to view, for example, live BBC

        Thanks very much

  3. Hi, we just have a fairly basic old tv in our bedroom and I’m sick of buying plug in aerials which either don’t work very well or don’t last long. You recommend a cheap android box to watch basic live tv ( which is all we really need) but what exactly is an android box and where can I get one? Sorry to ask such a daft question but I’m a total novice ( or should that be numpty) with these things!


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