Fix Sky Go App Not Working

Downloading the Sky Go app is a great way to watch your favourite shows on the go. All you need is your Sky login details and you can watch Sky Go on your phone or laptop. However, it should be noted that there are reasons why your Sky Go app might not work in certain circumstances. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the most common reasons why your Sky Go app does not work and what you can do about it. 

The Most Common Sky Go App Not Working Issues

One of the most common instances when your Sky Go app doesn’t work is the appearance of an error message on your screen. When this happens, you won’t be able to watch any of your favourite shows until you fix it. You may also suddenly get a black screen for seemingly no reason at all. Other common problems involve not being able to see the play button itself when you’re trying to stream! 

Sky Go App Not Working On Laptop

Many users will use their phones to watch Sky Go on their lunch break, for example. However, most people use Sky Go on their laptops which can cause all kinds of issues that Sky Go doesn’t tell you about.

It’s important to note that Sky Go uses the Microsoft Silverlight plugin and if you’re a Chrome user, you’ll be frustrated to learn that Chrome no longer supports this framework which can lead to the Sky Go app not working on this particular browser.

This means you’ll need to switch over to a different browser that does support this framework. You can try any of the following;

  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • UR 
  • Firefox

If you’ve recently upgraded from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge, you’ll also be frustrated to know that it doesn’t support the all important framework for Sky Go to work, even though the Silverlight plugin was designed by Microsoft! It’s likely this will be updated in the future but for now, you should switch back to Internet Explorer or try one of the other browsers on our list.

Download The Desktop App

One way around this is to just go ahead and download the Sky Go desktop app. This way you can still access all the great features you would if you streamed online but you can also have the option of watching your favourite shows offline if you wish.

However, downloading the desktop app does also come with its own issues. Your Sky Go desktop app can stop working because of your Cisco Video Guard Monitor software. To fix this, follow the step below.

Windows – hold down CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to open Task Manager. Navigate to the Processes tab and select Cisco Video Guard Monitor. Select End Process.

Mac – Press the Spotlight icon at the top of your screen. Type ‘Activity Monitor’ and hit Search. Open the CPU tab and select Cisco Video Guard Monitor. Hit the Quit button.

Stop Unhelpful Firewalls

If you have firewalls running in the background, you may need to disable them to start streaming. Some firewalls can block your ability to stream. 

Windows – Go to the Control Panel. Navigate to System and Security and then go to Windows Defender Firewall. Select ‘Disallow Firewalls’ and click Okay. The firewall will now be inactive.

Mac – You can disable your Mac’s firewall by going to the Apple icon at the top left of your screen. Go to System Preferences and then Security and Privacy. Select the Firewall tab and click Disable.

If this fix works, make sure you turn your Firewall back on after you’ve used the Sky Go app for security purposes.

Uninstall The Sky Go App

If the above fixes don’t help, you can always uninstall the Sky Go app and then reinstall it.

Here’s how to do it;

Windows – Go to the Control Panel then navigate to Programs. From here you have the option to update or uninstall the Sky Go app. Select Cisco Video Guard Monitor and uninstall it. Do the same for the Sky Go app. 

Mac – Press the Finder app on your dock and go to Applications. Find the Sky Go app and remove it. When you’re done, use the Spotlight icon and type in ‘Cisco’. Find the Cisco Video Guard Monitor folder and delete it.

You can then go to the Sky website and re-download the Sky Go app. 

Sky Go App Not Working On Xbox

The great thing about the Sky Go app is it can be used on a multitude of devices, the Xbox being one of them. If the Sky Go App has stopped working on your Xbox, the best thing you can do is to delete the app and reinstall it. 

To do this you need to press down the Xbox button on your controller and go to Games and Apps. Find Sky Go and press the start button on the app. Scroll down and click on Uninstall. After the removal is complete, go back to the App store and re-download it. This is also a similar process if you use a Playstation.

Sky Go App Not Working On Firestick

The Sky Go app can be very buggy on the Firestick and for a long time you’ve had to download the APK because it hasn’t been officially available for the Amazon Firestick. If your Sky Go app on your Firestick crashes immediately after opening, a faulty installation could be the reason. Uninstall the Sky Go app, download the latest APK, and install the app again.

If this does not solve your problem, open the setting on your Firestick and head over to ‘Application’, then find the Sky Go app and open it. Here make sure that the permission for storage has been granted to the Sky Go app.

After performing the above steps, your app should start working normally.

Sky Go App Not Working On iPhone

One of the most convenient ways to watch Sky Go is on your iPhone. However there is a common problem with streaming Sky Go on iPhones that you may not be aware of. There’s a simple fix to this. It turns out that having iCloud Private Rely active can block your Sky Go stream. 

To turn it off, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Private Relay. Toggle Private Relay off.

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