Does a SCART to HDMI Cable Work?

If you’re looking to connect an HDMI device to a SCART TV you might be wondering if a SCART to HDMI cable will work.

These cables are quite popular and you can find them for sale at most electronic stores. The problem is the cables 100% do not work. You cannot use a SCART to HDMI cable.

Why a SCART to HDMI cable does not work

The reason a simple cable won’t work is the ports use different signals. SCART uses the older analogue signal while HDMI uses digital.

A cable can’t change the signals. To convert the signals you need special hardware and power which a cable lacks. There are some mini-converters that do look like cables, but those are mostly for other types of ports, not SCART or HDMI.

SCART to HDMI converter

What you need is a SCART to HDMI converter, they have the built-in hardware needed to convert the signals.

Quick disclaimer: Not every SCART to HDMI convert will send a 100% perfect signal. The quality will depend on the source, the device build quality, the power supply, and a couple of other factors.

Generally, a SCART to HDMI converter box usually works, but some times they have issues.
How Does it Work?

SCART to HDMI converter boxes are little devices that require an external power source, usually micro-USB.

What they do is convert analog signals (SCART) to digital (HDMI) or the other way around. They can also add additional features, such as upscale the resolution, support for NTSC or PAL, and even improve refresh rate.

Most of the time, these converters can carry over visual and audio signals. The best part is they are plug and play so there’s no need to download and install drivers. Very easy installation.

Remember: When it comes to converting SCART to HDMI, a cable will not work. You will need a converter box.

Recommended converter box

There are a number of SCART to HDMI converter boxes that will work. Our recommended choice is the Neoteck Aluminum SCART to HDMI converter.

The reason we recommend this box is because not only does it carry over a flawless image, but it can also upscale to 1080P via a simple switch. The upscaling is useful because if your source is lower resolution, only half or less of your screen will be used.

The upscale fills out the entire area of your screen which makes it much easier for you to watch content. Remember, you’ll never be able to get a true 4K experience from an old device such as a Nintendo Wii or Playstation 1.

This converter box also has a power supply (DC/5V) and an audio-out jack. The audio out jack is great for external speakers or even headphones.
Before You Buy a Converter:
Make sure you know which way the signal needs to travel. These converters are not backward compatible, they can only send the signal in one direction.

Other than that, using a SCART to HDMI converter is a cheap solution to using older devices with modern TVs or the other way around.

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