Our selection of the best budget dash cams in the market today

Car dashboard cameras are an important piece of gadget in a car. The main function of the dashboard camera is to offer extra security while in the car by giving a driver a glimpse of what’s happening around the car. A dashboard camera helps a driver to reveal the surrounding of a car when the vehicle is in reverse. We have taken the liberty to highlight 5 of the best dashboard cameras you can get for your car to serve as an extra pair of eyes while you are on the road.

Our selection of the best budget dash cams available in the UK market in 2019!

1. TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam Full HD 1080P
2. JC Beauty (New Upgrade Version) 170◦Wide Angle
3. Xuanpad S3 Mini Dash Cam, Full HD 1080P Car Camera with 168_ Wide Angle
4. Car Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera, Superior Night Vision 1080P HD
5. OldShark Dash Cam (32GB Card Included), 1080P HD Car Driving Video Recorder Built-in G-sensor, Night Vision, Parking Monitor
1 - TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam Full HD 1080P

TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam Full HD 1080P
  • Captures Images/video on the road
  • Equipped with smart emergency lock
  • Equipped with motion detection sensors
  • Smooth loop recording
  • Equipped with smart emergency
  • Package contains – (mini USB cable, car charger, suction cup mount, and user manual).

The TOGUARD Mini Dash Cam equipped with full HD 1080P is made with Novatech HD chipset and an A+ grade 120 degrees lens. The image quality of the camera is top quality as it provides clear vision even in poor weather conditions. The camera angles are wide and provide the driver with a view of more than three lanes of traffic. The camera provides you with real-time image and also supports playback which is useful in case of an accident.

The cam is lightweight with a sleek compact design installed behind your mirror and doesn’t cause obstruction while driving. The dash cam is designed with a suction cup mount for holding the dash camera on the windshield. it also comes with a car charger for connection of the dash camera. The camera turns on and begins to record when the car engine is turned on. It also saves and turns off when the car engine stops.

2 - JC Beauty (New Upgrade Version) 170◦Wide Angle

JC Beauty (New Upgrade Version) 170◦Wide Angle
  • Equipped with park monitor
  • Comes with built-in Gravity sensor
  • Resolution 1920* 1080P / 1280 * 720 P
  • Equipped with Sony sensor plus lens
  • 170◦ Wide Angle plus Front Rear Camera
  • Equipped with motion detectors

The JC Beauty dashboard cam is equipped with Sony sensor and lens capable of shooting 1920 by 1080P in full HD. The resolution of the camera is great and provides you with clear vision. It is equipped with in-built triaxial gravity sensor. When there is an emergency brake or in the course of a collision the emergency recording mode kicks in and saves the video to review the accident scene. The Cam is equipped with an unmanned guard that enters into Auto Detect Mode when the car is stopped. When the cam is in Auto Detect Mode it monitors both the front and rear end of the car and can save up to 24 hours of recording. The cam weighs only 600g and does not interfere with vision when driving.

3 - Xuanpad S3 Mini Dash Cam, Full HD 1080P Car Camera with 168_ Wide Angle

Xuanpad S3 Mini Dash Cam, Full HD 1080P Car Camera with 168 Wide Angle
  • Equipped with in-built Gravity Sensor
  • Equipped with loop recording
  • Equipped with automatic recording
  • Video Resolution 1920*1080(1080FHD)/1440*1080(1080P) /1280*720(720P)
  • Package contains (car charger, USB cable, User Manual, and Adjustable mount).

The Xuanpad S3 mini dashboard camera is equipped with automatic recording. This allows the cam to turn off/on and start/stop recording when the car is turned on/off. The inbuilt G-sensor helps in motion detection and saves and secures video data when there is a collision. The mini design of the Cam is compact and takes a little space in your car. The parking monitor assists in securing your car while parking. The resolution of the camera is high and produces high-quality images to give you the real-time details of every angle of your car. The cam is durable and is guaranteed to offer great value for your money while keeping you secure while you drive.

4 - Car Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera, Superior Night Vision 1080P HD

Car Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Camera, Superior Night Vision 1080P HD
  • Equipped with 8 LED infrared night vision light
  • Comes with a 4 inch IPS Screen
  • Equipped with front and rear camera (Dual Lens Dash Cam)
  • View Angles of up to 170◦
  • Equipped with automatic recording and loop recording
  • Equipped with inbuilt G-sensor for motion detection and parking assist.

The superior night vision of this dashboard Cam is second to none. Equipped with 8 LED infrared night vision light which automatically opens in the evening. The large 4 inch IPS screen makes it easy for you to view the front and rear of the car at the same time. The images are large and crystal clear. With the rear camera, you can see your surroundings as you reverse or park the car. The 170◦ wide angles of the Cam you can view 6 lanes at a time thereby providing you with a clear image of your vehicle surrounding. The Cam records automatically when the engine of the car is turned on and stops recording when the engine is turned off. The inbuilt G-sensor helps in motion detection and serves as a parking monitor that helps you when parking the car.

5 - OldShark Dash Cam (32GB Card Included), 1080P HD Car Driving Video Recorder Built-in G-sensor, Night Vision, Parking Monitor

OldShark Dash Cam (32GB Card Included), 1080P HD Car Driving Video Recorder Built-in G-sensor, Night Vision, Parking Monitor
  • Equipped with parking assist
  • Built in G-sensor
  • Video Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Equipped with automatic recording and loop recording
  • The product includes (32GB memory card, suction mount, USB cable, user manual, and car charger).

The OldShark Dash Cam is equipped with 1080P HD resolution that produces quality images. With the 170◦ wide angle lens, you can capture footage of an entire road as you drive in your, car. The Cam is equipped with G-sensor that automatically stores video clip in the case of an accident providing you with footage of before, during and after the incidence. With the aid of the loop recording, parking monitor, timestamp, motion detection and instant playback you can protect your car when driving and parking. The Cam comes with a 32GB memory card which provides you with enough storage space for videos.

Buying Guide for Dashboard Camera for Cars

When looking to buy a dashboard camera for your car there are a number of things to be on the lookout for. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money buying a product that will not improve the safety of your car. Below is a list of things to look out for when you are in the market for a dashboard camera.

  1. Equipped with Night Vision

It is difficult to see properly at night while driving even when the street light is on. Buying a dashboard camera equipped with night vision lens is important especially if you travel a lot at night. With the help of night vision camera, your vision at night is enhanced and this makes it easy for you to view your surroundings properly. Without night vision in your Cam, you can’t see your surroundings or park your car properly when it is dark. Ensure that when browsing for a dashboard Cam you look out for products that are equipped with Night Vision lenses.

  1. Equipped with Mount

Dashboard Cams equipped with mounts makes it easy to hold the LCD in place on the windshield. You don’t want to have to struggle with positioning the camera while you are driving. With the aid of the mount, you can easily hold the camera in place on the windshield while you tilt it slightly to adjust the camera for a better view.

    1. Equipped with an HD camera

HD camera provides images with high picture quality. A dashboard camera with HD picture quality will provide you with real-time, picture-perfect images for a clearer view. This makes it easy to see all obstacles in your surrounding without missing anything. HD camera maximizes space while recording.

      1. Equipped with inbuilt G-sensor

Dashboard cameras equipped with inbuilt gravity sensor are highly recommended when shopping for a dashboard camera. The G-sensor provides motion detection and parking monitoring to assist with parking your vehicle. Gravity sensors help in alerting a driver to potential obstacles in the path of a car. In the case of an accident, G-sensors stores footage of the accident providing before, during and after videos of the whole incident to help in an investigation.

      1. Camera with wide angle range.

When driving, it is impossible to see angles close to the front bumper or rear bumper. A dashboard camera with a wide angle range helps a driver to view the surrounding environment. This allows the driver to see up to 6 lanes in traffic which makes it possible to easily avert incoming obstacles with a clear view of the front, back and side of the car.

      1. Lightweight and sleek design

A heavy dashboard camera can be a distraction when you are driving. When shopping for dashboard camera, go for products that weigh less and can easily fit into places in your car without distracting you while you drive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      1. Is the dashboard Cam easy to install?

The dashboard Camera can be easily installed using the user guide that comes with the product. If you find it difficult to install you can search for videos online on YouTube with a detailed instruction on how you can install your dashboard Camera.

      1. Can the Camera be detached easily?

You can easily detach the camera from the mount by either detaching the cable from the mount or unscrewing the camera from the suction cup.

      1. Does it come equipped with GPS?

The dashboard cam does not come with GPS.

      1. Can the Cam overwrite old footage automatically?

The cam can overwrite old footage automatically. To enable this feature you have to turn on the loop recording. or

      1. Do you have to turn on the parking sensor always when you turn on the car?

You can turn the parking sensor on permanently by selecting the option to turn on the parking sensor feature in the camera.

      1. Does the cam record when the car is parked?

To keep the cam recording while the vehicle is turned off, you need to find an alternative way of powering the cam. If you need the cam to record while your car is parked overnight, you need to turn on the motion detection feature after you must have hardwired the cam to an alternative power supply.

      1. Can I select how the Cam records?

You can set the cam to record at intervals. Choose from 1, 3, 5 and 10 minutes or select a continuous record. When recording continuously, the storage space gets full quickly and thus it is recommended to split recording.

      1. Does unit come with storage space?

Most products don’t come with inbuilt storage space and thus you will be required to provide storage for your recordings. Although some products come with up to 32 GB memory card in the San Disk slot of the cam in case yours doesn’t come with one, you will have to make provision for a memory card.

      1. Does the Cam also record audio?

The dashboard cam can also provide you with an audio recording of your car environment. The audio feature of the dashboard cam can be enabled or disabled in the dashboard cam.

      1. Can the dashboard cam work on all vehicles?

The dashboard cam can work on all vehicles. Attached it to the windscreen with aid of the mount and connect front and rear view cameras in suitable positions where they provide you with a good view.

Top Dashboard Camera Brand

There are a lot of dashboard cameras available in the market with various designs and specifications. Not all brands available in the market fit into the category of top brands of dashboard cam. The top brands of dashboard cameras are lightweight and are equipped with HD cameras with a wide-angle view that gives a driver real-time footage of the car surroundings.

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