BT Home Hub Lights: What Do They Mean & How to Fix

The BT home hub is a great device that offers a lot of cool features, ranging from next generation Wi-Fi to smart channels to dual band and smart scan. However, the device can be very annoying when things go wrong. 

There are a number of different colors that flash up on your BT home hub and they let you know it’s working or whether there are any problems that have occurred. So, it’s important to know what these lights mean and how to prevent them from happening again. 

There are different types of BT smart hub devices that flash lights, including BT smart Hub 2, Ultrafast Smart Hub, and BT Home Hub 4 or 5. Check out the table below for more details. 

BT Smart Hub 2

Light StatusWhat It MeansWhat To Do
BlueYour Hub is connected to your broadband and working properlyIf you cannot get online, try turning your device off and on. 
No LightThe power is now off or the lights have been turned offFull Fiber Connection: Keep your Openreach modem connected to the mains, with all the lights turned on.
Fiber Connection: Make sure your Hub is plugged in, switch it on and all the lights are now on. 
GreenYour Hub is starting upYour Hub is starting up and it should take at least 3 minutes.
If it stays green, turn off your Hub and on again. If the lights does not turn blue, perform a factory reset using the reset button at the rear of the device
Flashing orangeYour Hub is connecting to broadbandWait at least 3 minutes for the device to start up. The light should turn blue when it’s ready.
Flashing purpleYour Hub is working but the broadband cable is not connectedMake sure the broadband cable is connected properly. 
OrangeYour Hub is not connected to the internetTry connecting a device to your Hub. Open a web browser and follow the instructions to get your device connected. 
RedYour Hub is having a problem somewhereTurn off your Hub off and on again using the Power button. If the light does not turn blue, use a paper clip to perform a factory reset. 
PurpleYour Hub is connected to the EE mobile network via Hybrid ConnectYour broadband connection is not set up yet, or there is a problem with your broadband
WPS button flashingIf the button is flashing blue, press the WPS button on your computer or device. 
If it’s flashing red, wait for several minutes and try again. 

BT Home Hub (4 and 5)

Power Light StatusWhat It MeansWhat to Do
Green or flashing greenYour Hub is starting upWait for at least 20 seconds until it’s ready
BlueYour Hub is working properlyIf you cannot get online, try turning it off and on again
OffYour Hub is not receiving powerMake sure the power switch button is on and your device is plugged in correctly
OrangeThere is a problem somewhereTry turning it off and on. Also perform a factory reset if the light does not turn blue
RedYour Hub is not connected to broadbandHit the Restart button and let it go when the Power light turns orange. If that does not help, reset your Hub using the Reset button at the back. 

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