An Honest Review of Bose SleepBuds and What They Can do For You

Having a good night’s sleep may seem like something everyone could have if they choose to, but that is not the case.

There is a significant amount of people who have problems sleeping due to issues like insomnia or something as frustrating as noisy neighbours who simply aren’t getting the message, even when they’ve been told to quieten down numerous times.

Some travellers also have to deal with noisy hotels, plane engines, and many other issues that disturb what could have been a good night’s sleep.

There are plenty of solutions you can try, such as talking to your health care specialist if insomnia is the problem, but one solution that is sometimes overlooked is good earbuds. Good earbuds like the Bose Sleepbuds can give you back your peace and allow you to drift off into a good night’s sleep once again.

People who’ve heard of Bose usually think of great sounding audio devices, such as speakers and headphones, but Bose is interested in many aspects of sound, including ways to block out sound. These earbuds are quite small and designed for long-term wear so you can sleep through the night without feeling discomfort.

Understanding the Concept

Bose started with a simple idea: finding a way to help people who can’t sleep because of noise.

The solution came in the form of these sleep buds. They look like nothing more than regular earbuds, but they actually come with built-in noise-masking technology to not only reduce noise but eliminate it.

It should be pointed out that these earbuds come with a mobile application that you can download for Androids or iPhones. The application allows you to set a sound scientifically proven to help you relax and sleep better throughout the night.

The application allows you to programme the sounds to stay on a specific amount of time if you need sound assistance to help you fall asleep. Doing this also ends up saving battery, which means you have to charge them less often. You also get the opportunity to set up an alarm to wake you up in the morning.


Bose Sleepbuds are quite small as mentioned earlier, but you can thank the designers for adding specific modifications to ensure that the buds do not come out when you are sleeping.

The dimensions of the buds are 2.38 x 2.69 x 1.42 cm, which is definitely small. They are each 2.3 g. It might sound strange at first, but these earbuds are made to fit in your ears and are unique to many other Bose products.

The Sleepbuds are going to come inside a metal carrying case that is small and portable so you can take them wherever you go.

Of course, the buds are rechargeable and only take eight hours to fully charge. You get to enjoy up to 16 hours when the battery is fully charged, which is more than enough time for you to sleep.

The case is your powerbank, and it comes with LED indicators telling you the buds are charging or are fully charged.

Inside the Box

The buds are going to come with additional accessories to make life easier. You’ll find a manual in several languages. There is going to be a power adapter along with a USB/microUSB cable. You’ll have two different outlets, one European and the other British.

You will also find three pairs of earbud adapters: small, medium, and large for you to try. The box will also include a travel pouch.

Beyond the Bed

The buds are not only made for sleep. The sounds produced by these devices are quite relaxing, so you can use them in other settings.

For example, those who travel on public transportation and prefer to relax rather than hear noise, can use the buds. These buds could also be used during meditation or during your daily workout. They are quite adaptable, and you can use them any way you see fit.

Bottom Line

Bose Sleepbuds can seem expensive, which could make some people think twice before purchasing them. The thing that must be taken into account is their versatility, how effective, and how comfortable they are compared to other sleep buds available.

Taking all this into account and all the other things you’ve learned about the Sleepbuds makes them worthwhile.

It should be pointed out that these Sleepbuds do not connect to Bluetooth like regular earbuds. This is a bit of a problem since it means the device will only play relaxing content. It also means the buds cannot be used to take calls or hear notification sounds from your smart device. This could definitely be seen as a negative.

Still, using these earbuds can give you a good night’s sleep, and that is quite important. The lack of sleep could lead to all sorts of problems, like mood control issues, inability to concentrate the next day; the risk of developing a weight problem is increased, and that is just some issues you could develop.

It is true that these Sleepbuds are kind of expensive, but what you get from them outweighs the price Bose is asking for. The likelihood of being satisfied seems pretty high.

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