Best Indoor TV Aerial for Weak Signal Area

So you’re trying to get Freeview in your home but the signal is weak and keeps cutting out. Maybe you live in an apartment or house that doesn’t have a dedicated satellite dish, and buying one is out of your budget.

Not to worry, there’s a good chance you can improve your TV reception with the use of an inexpensive indoor TV aerial. In this article, I’ll be covering some of the best indoor TV aerials for weak signal areas.

An indoor aerial can unlock multiple free channels, including several HD ones, and you can save some cash on cable bills. No subscription required. Most of these aerials are portable too!

Let’s get started.

Best Indoor TV Aerials:

1 – Indoor TV Aerial, Freeview TV Aerial 120 Miles /180KM Range

To start off our list, here’s a nice lightweight and thin indoor TV aerial from the brand TS-ant. It has plenty of great features packed into a small budget-friendly package. This indoor aerial has a maximum range of 120 miles and it even has a built-in amplifier to improve weak signals.

Installing this TV aerial is very easy too, it comes with adhesive stickers that you can use to mount it to a surface, such as a wall or a window. While you can place the aerial anywhere, it’s recommended to keep it near a window where it has a better chance of picking up signals.

There aren’t many cables in the box either, only a USB power adapter, an amplifier, and a coaxial cable. And then it’s a matter of using your TV interface to scan for channels, it should unlock all channels in the area, including the HD ones. The only downside would be that it doesn’t include a mount or stand, only adhesive stickers.

2 – DTA240 High Gain Portable Freeview TV Aerial

The DTA240 is a portable TV aerial that looks like a single antenna you might find on a router, but it’s actually a Freeview tuner. The most notable feature of this aerial is it has a magnetic base, so you can place it to any metal surface, and it won’t fall over, which makes it perfect for vehicles.
The minimalist design is great too, and no power cables are required. To install, simply screw in the antenna to the base and plug the antenna’s coaxial cable into your TV’s coaxial port. Scan for channels, and it should pick up any within range.

Another noteworthy feature is it’s one of the cheapest indoor aerials on our list. The downside is it can’t amplify signals, no amplifier is included. I can’t guarantee that it’ll work in a weak signal area, but it’s definitely much better than the built-in tuner on your TV. Besides, for the price, it’s worth a test. The coaxial cable is 6.5 ft.

3 – Indoor TV Aerial 120 Miles Freeview Aerial with Amplifier Signal Booster

Here’s another indoor TV aerial that could dramatically improve your Freeview reception. What I like about this aerial is it’s very flat and lightweight so you can install it almost anywhere. The design resembles paper, it’s a thin plastic-like material which is very light. As for the specifications, it has a 120-mile range, a detachable amplifier, and it can support up to 1080P resolutions.

The installation is straightforward too, and it uses the same cables as the previous model, with a USB for power, an amplifier, and a coaxial cable that needs to be connected to the TV tuner. The coaxial cable is 13.2 ft.

Like other lightweight indoor aerials, this one has adhesive stickers, so you can easily slap it onto a window or wall with no problems. Some people even reported using it on their table, face down, and it still picked up channels.

4 – Boyoye Indoor TV Aerial for Digital Freeview 4K 1080P HD VHF UHF

Here’s another paper-design indoor TV aerial that can unlock 4K and other HD channels that are in range. It’s only 0.02 inches thick! As you might expect, installing this indoor aerial is a piece of cake, and the surface of the product includes adhesive stickers. Most people can install this within 3 minutes, and unlock a wide variety of free HD channels.

The amplifier on this one can extend the range from 120 miles and it even has a 360-degree reception, so either side can receive signals. The amplifier on this aerial is also powered by USB, although if you’re in a strong-signal area you might no need it.

The coaxial cable is 16.5 ft, slightly longer than the other products on our list, so it provides plenty of range to find a good location. It’s also a lot cheaper than other indoor aerials, and it’s worth a shot.

5 – Indoor Digital TV Aerial Amplified 120+ Miles/200+ KM

Here’s another indoor TV aerial that could work for your home. It’s not paper-thin, but rather made from hard plastic, and it even comes with a convenient plastic mount. As for the design, the aerial is quite stylish, it looks like a white tablet, and you can move it around with no problems.

The specifications are decent too, it has a 120-mile maximum range and it also includes a built-in amplifier for weaker signal areas. This aerial can unlock all aerial TV channels in range, including HD at 4K channels. Overall, a really nice stylish indoor aerial. The only downside would be that it’s a little pricey than the others, but it’s also easier to move than the others because you don’t need to stick it to any surface, simply place it upright using the included stand.

Looking to buy an indoor aerial? This is what you need to look out for

When it comes to buying an indoor TV aerial, there are a few things to consider. While most aerial dishes are pretty straightforward, they all capture aerial TV signals, there are a few specifications to look for.

Maximum Range

Some aerials are more sensitive than others, and if you live in a weak signal area, you’ll want to find the one that has the best range. I recommend entering your postcode and house number into the Freeview website here to see how far you are from the nearest broadcast station. Next, find an indoor aerial that matches that distance.

Signal Amplifier

Do keep in mind that a signal amplifier is not necessary if you live in a strong signal area, it’s only useful for when the signal is weak and you’re losing channels. Using the amplifier that is included with your indoor TV aerial might be able to unlock more channels.

Other Suggestions:

Personally, I would look for an indoor aerial that has a stand or mount because that makes it a lot easier to move around, such as the second and last one on our list. Another point to consider is the length of the coaxial cable from the aerial to the TV.


What Channels Can I Get with an Indoor Aerial?
An indoor aerial will pick up as many channels as are being broadcasted and are in range. You’ll only be able to access free aerial channels with an aerial dish. Common Freeview channels are BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, and many others.

Can I Use an Indoor Aerial in My Caravan?
Yes. If you have a TV and sufficient power, you can use an indoor aerial in your caravan. It will pick up any aerial signals within range.

Does It Have to be Next to a Window?
No. If you’re within range of a tower, it can be placed almost anywhere, some people place it behind their TVs or flat on a table. However, the window is usually the best place for weak signal areas.

The Coaxial Cable is Too Short, What Can I Do?
If the cable is too short, you can either return it for a longer one or buy an inexpensive female to male coaxial cable extender.

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