55-inch TV Dimensions: Length and Height in cm and inches

Key Takeaways:

  • A 55-inch TV typically measures 121.7 cm (47.9 inches) wide and 68.6 cm (27 inches) tall.
  • The recommended viewing distance for a 55-inch TV is around 7.7 feet (2.34 meters).
  • Consider wall-mounting at 55 inches from the floor for optimal viewing height.
  • Transporting a 55-inch TV (boxed) requires a vehicle with folding rear seats for best fit.

You’ve decided to level up your home entertainment game, and a 55-inch TV is on your radar. It’s a popular size, often considered the sweet spot for many living rooms. But before you get swept away by the allure of a larger screen, it’s crucial to consider how it will fit into your space. Will it dominate your living room in a way that’s more overwhelming than immersive? Or will it be the perfect centerpiece for movie nights and big games?

The dimensions of a 55-inch TV can make or break your viewing experience, and it’s not just about whether it will fit on your TV stand. The distance from which you’ll be watching also plays a significant role. In this article, we’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of 55-inch TV dimensions without giving too much away. We’ll also discuss optimal viewing distances to ensure that your new TV feels like a natural extension of your living space, rather than an oversized obstruction.

Width and Height Dimensions in Centimeters and Inches

The TV comes in all shapes and sizesThe approximate size of a 55-inch TV is 121.7 cm (47.9 inches) wide and 68.6 cm (27 inches) tall

55-inch-TV dimensions

However, these dimensions may change depending on the brand. You will also want to add a few centimeters to the height and width because the bezel or edge of the TV is not included in the screen size. 

What’s The Best Viewing Distance For A 55-inch TV?

There is no ultimate viewing distance for any TV size, as room layouts vary out there. However, for a 55-inch TV, the recommended viewing distance is about 7.7 feet (2.34 meters). 

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This number is an estimate and varies depending on your room layouts. To determine the ideal viewing distance for a TV screen size, start around 7.5′ (2.28 m) away from your TV and move around to find your best viewing angle. 

How High Should A 55-inch TV Be Mounted?

If you have a small room, consider wall-mounting your TV to save space. Each TV has its different viewing angles, so it’s essential to mount your TV in a comfortable viewing spot. 

As a rule, a 55″ television should be mounted at 55″ from the floor to the center of the screen height. Mounting your TV too high can be a pain in the neck. However, this number can change depending on your room layout. We recommend you do not mount your TV above a fireplace, even if you never use your fireplace. It is also worth considering adjusting your room layout to be more conducive to a comfortable viewing angle. 

Bring The Right Car

A 55-inch TV will likely not fit across any back seats and probably won’t fit in the trunk of smaller SUVs. One of the most valuable tips when picking up a medium-sized TV back home is not to bring the family. Instead, bring an empty vehicle with folding rear seats. 

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