5 Common Mistakes You Make with LG OLED TVs & How to fix

LG OLED TVs are among the best OLED TVs on the market. The South Korean firm has provided an excellent TV range with stunning display technology and amazing features for years. However, some LG OLED TVs offer the best experience only if you have picked the right settings. This article has gathered the most common mistakes you may make when setting up an LG OLED TV. 

Mistake 1: You Use the Same Picture Mode for Different Viewing Conditions

One of the best things about LG OLED TVs is that they come with different picture modes that match your content and surrounding environment. You are not getting the most from your TV if you use your LG TV’s default preset for all viewing conditions. 

Most LG OLED TVs include three viewing options: Cinema Home, Cinema, and Filmmaker Mode. Each of which is best suited for one certain viewing condition. 

  • Cinema Home smartly boosts color and luminance to combat ambient light in your room, thus making it the best option if you watch your TV during daylight. 
  • Cinema mode is designed to deliver a better-looking image in a dark room, which is ideal for watching your TV in the evening when you got the lights dimmed. 
  • Filmmaker mode is designed to offer an actual theatrical release at your home. 

If your LG OLED TV features a Vivid preset, we suggest you turn it off. Once enabled, this mode pushes contrast, brightness, and color to the level that the picture becomes unnatural. 

Mistake 2: You Do Not Change Motion Settings

Most LG TVs have motion processing features, which should be turned off by default. In fact, motion processing can deliver an unpleasant experience while watching Netflix, but other built-in motion processing options greatly help with picture quality improvements.

You can try turning on LG’s new Cinematic Motion mode to help remove the roughest effects on your TV’s screen without compromising the overall picture quality. 

Mistake 3: You Do Not Turn Off Eco-Mode

Most LG TVs ship with Eco settings that improve power efficiency. However, while these cost-savings settings won’t help much, they may have a negative impact on picture quality. With Eco modes turned on, your TV’s picture quality turns dimmer than usual, which is not ideal if you frequently watch HDR content. We suggest you disable all Eco settings on your LG OLED TV if you have already enabled them. 

Mistake 4: You Do Not Optimize Game Settings

LG OLED TVs are among the best TVs for gaming thanks to their support for the Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC gaming graphics cards. If you frequently game on your OLED TV, ensure you have optimized your settings. 

The first setting you should have enabled is the Game mode, which delivers low latency while ensuring a better frame rate. Also, set your TV or your gaming console to output RGB. To do this, switch to PC mode on your LG’s OLED TV Home Dashboard menu. 

Also, turn on HGiG on your TV. This mode turns off your TV’s built-in dynamic HDR processing features and hands over HDR optimization duties to your gaming consoles. 

Mistake 5: Use Dolby Atmos with Built-In Speakers

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LG OLED TVs support Dolby Atmos sound technology, but if you use it with your TV’s built-in speakers, you are not getting most from your TV. In fact, for some unknown reasons, LG OLED’s speakers do not deliver the best audio results when playing Dolby Atmos content. In this case, you can go for a Soundbar to improve your audio. 

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